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Intelligent Email Classification

Introducing a fresh approach to email productivity


Revolutionize Email Management with a Streamlined Inbox

AIRRE transforms your email productivity through a streamlined inbox to take the busy work out of email so your team can concentrate fully on building strong client relationships through fast and effective interactions.

Through the most advanced natural language processing technology and machine learning capability, AIRRE automatically analyzes all incoming emails and assigns them to the appropriate department, group or individual instantly.


Classifying Email

Streamline Email Workflow with Intelligent Email Classification for Efficient and Accurate Routing

AIRRE effortlessly creates and implements highly efficient email classification workflows to ensure prompt and accurate routing to the relevant teams within your organization.

Through intelligent email sorting, no more time will be wasted shuffling emails and searching inboxes. Our intuitive system ensures the right information lands in the right hands instantly.


Understanding Customers' Requests

AIRRE revolutionizes customer support by enabling your team to better understand customers' requests and respond promptly.

Leveraging advanced natural language processing, AIRRE analyzes email content, identifies key information, and provides your team with comprehensive insights. This empowers your team to grasp the customer's needs more efficiently, leading to quicker response times, enhanced accuracy, and improved customer satisfaction.

Supporting English and Chinese

Leveraging GPT technologies, the system fully supports English and Chinese languages, empowering your organization to effectively manage and categorize emails in a multilingual environment.

With robust language recognition capabilities, you can ensure accurate routing, prioritization, and efficient communication across diverse linguistic contexts.


Creating a Win-win

Automated Email Organization for Efficient Operations and exceptional Customer Experience

By automatically organizing incoming messages into clear folders with key information identified based on priority, status and other criteria, your team can spend less time going through email one by one, and more time focusing on critical tasks.

AIRRE creates a win-win by preventing an overflowing email inbox and allowing your team to maximize productivity and provide exceptional customer experience.


Simple to Kickstart

Simply integrate our solution and let powerful AI do the work,
requiring no change to your current infrastructure or processes.

Upon successful subscription, our team will help you set up a dedicated mailbox

AIRRE will does all the work once there are complaints going into the mailbox

The solution is available through the AIRRE web portal - no additional software is needed

Experience it first-hand

AI-powered Email Management

A destructive way to enhance customer service and build a good brand image

Always Stay Organized

AIRRE works for you 24/7 to maintain an organized space, empowering your team to embrace effortless email management and increased efficiency in the modern workplace.

Facilitate Seamless Collaboration

The AI-powered email sorting system facilitates seamless collaboration within the team, enabling efficient workflows and streamlined communication. By automatically categorizing and routing emails to the appropriate team members.

Boosted Customer Interaction

With all key information captured and automatic routing, AIRRE enables faster resolution of customer inquiries and issues, leading to reduced processing times and improved customer satisfaction.


It can provide valuable insights, enabling proactive customer support.

It is a long-term strategy to help organizations maintain high efficiency and stay competitive by incorporating operational intelligence.


Enterprise-grade Reliability

The security of our product is of utmost importance and is a top priority for us. To guarantee a high level of security, we have adopted a zero-trust approach during the product development phase.

Industry-standard encryption techniques and Responsible AI Principles have been implemented.

The AIRRE team is dedicated to monitoring and updating security measures on a continuous basis to stay ahead of potential threats and vulnerabilities.

A solution endorsed by Microsoft 


Plans & Pricing

Select your plan today and pay after a consultation with our team


30 cases per month


$5 per additional case


180 cases per month


$3 per additional case


for organizations need to handle much more cases

Contact us for a quote


5 cases per month

Want to get a taste of the magic before deciding which plan to go for?
We do offer a trial plan for you to have a try first!


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