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AI Complaint Management

Revolutionize the way of approachingfundamental tasks in the business world


Streamline Complaint Management with Azure OpenAI Service

With the power of generative AI and Azure OpenAI GPT, customer enquiries and complaints are instantly turned into comprehensive reports that come with suggested context-based responses.

The end-to-end complaint-handling procedures are greatly fast-tracked, resulting in a significant reduction in operational process time and a great increase in customer satisfaction.



Collate enquiries and complaints in a multichannel fashion

Complaints in various formats, including emails, social network platform messages, PDFs and images, are gathered and indexed into structured data, which can be reviewed at a single hub.

Currently, AIRRE supports integrations of emails, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. We are committed to expanding our channels to accommodate the unique preferences of a wide range of organizations e.g. phone calls.


Summarize enquires and complaints into organized reports in 10 seconds with GPT

Regardless of  the content length, an executive summary will be generated with all key information captured. Original content can be accurately and efficiently turned into bespoke format e.g. a paragraph within 100 words, or a numbered list of key takeaways.



Enable relevant teams to handle enquiries or complaints swiftly with immediate classification and case routing

The GPT model for classification is trained with Azure Machine Learning. It understands not only the complaint content, but also the severity of each complaint or enquiry. Cases will then be assigned to responsible departments for quick follow-up.


Response Recommendation

Auto-generate content based on the context and details extracted from the data source 

GPT language model with Azure's enterprise capabilities is leveraged to analyze complaint details and generate suggested complaint responses for both internal and external communications, speeding up the resolution process and maintaining good brand reputation.


Simple to Kickstart

Signing up for a subscription is all it takes to get started - we will handle everything else

Upon successful subscription, our team will help you set up a dedicated mailbox

AIRRE will does all the work once there are complaints going into the mailbox

The solution is available through the AIRRE web portal - no additional software is needed

Experience it first-hand

Keep Up with the Speed and Scale

A destructive way to enhance customer service and build a good brand image

From days to seconds

Significantly cut time spent on NLP-related tasks from days down to seconds.

AIRRE instantly completes all preliminary processing tasks within seconds upon receiving complaints or enquiries, providing brands a way to process incoming complaints at scale and speed as never before.

Enhance brand reputation

Maintain customer satisfaction with hugely reduced turnaround time.

Brand is empowered to swiftly address complaints, provide timely responses, improve customer satisfaction, shorten after-call work time, and identify areas for improvements.

Blend intelligence in business processes

Realize the potential for automation and analysis throughout the complaint management journey.


It is a long-term strategy to help organizations maintain high efficiency and stay competitive by incorporating operational intelligence.


Enterprise-grade Reliability

The security of our product is of utmost importance and is a top priority for us. To guarantee a high level of security, we have adopted a zero-trust approach during the product development phase.

Industry-standard encryption techniques and Responsible AI Principles have been implemented.

The AIRRE team is dedicated to monitoring and updating security measures on a continuous basis to stay ahead of potential threats and vulnerabilities.

A solution endorsed by Microsoft 


Plans & Pricing

Select your plan today and pay after a consultation with our team


30 cases per month


$5 per additional case


180 cases per month


$3 per additional case


for organizations need to handle much more cases

Contact us for a quote


5 cases per month

Want to get a taste of the magic before deciding which plan to go for?
We do offer a trial plan for you to have a try first!


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